Skills Mastery is divided up into tiers with a percent mastery for each one.

Skill Mastery Tiers
Tier Mastery Distribution
Novice 0% - 29% 100%
Apprentice 30% - 39% 70%
Expert 40% - 49% 60%
Expert 50% - 59% 50%
Artisan 60% - 69% 40%
Renowned 70% - 79% 30%
Master 80% - 89% 20%
Grandmaster 90% - 99% 10%
Legendary 100% 1%

The Distribution of mastery reflects the percentage of people who will attain a specific skill tier, based on the amount of time it takes to level a skill.

As players start training, the Soulborn Engine monitors the advancement. If it sees a larger number of people hitting the same skill tier than expected, it will slow down progression of that skill globally across the server. This will result in higher tiers of that skill being modre challenging to achieve going forward.

Skills in the higher tiers will take more than one lifetime to achieve.

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